Jean Redpath

Обложка альбома Jean Redpath.
  • Трек: Day We Went Tae Rothesay
  • Исполнитель (артист): Jean Redpath
  • Длительность 1:58
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Jean Redpath - Day We Went Tae Rothesay"

    Роберт Бёрнс, "Конец лета".

    Now westlin winds, and slaughtering guns
    Bring Autumn's pleasant weather;
    The moorcock springs, on whirring wings,
    Amang the blooming heather:
    Now waving grain, wide o'er the plain,
    Delights the weary Farmer;
    The moon shines bright, as I rove at night,
    To muse upon my Charmer.

    The Pairtrick lo'es the fruitfu' fells;
    The Plover lo'es the mountains;
    The Woodcock haunts the lanely dells;
    The soaring Hern the fountains:
    Thro' lofty groves, the Cushat roves,
    The path o' man to shun it;
    The hazel bush o'erhangs the Thrush,
    The spreading thorn the Linnet.

    Thus ev'ry kind their pleasure find.
    The savage and the tender;
    Some social join, and leagues combine;
    Some solitary wander:
    Avaunt, away! the cruel sway,
    Tyrannic man's dominion;
    The Sportsman's joy, the murd'ring cry,
    The flutt'ring, gory pinion!

    But Peggy dear, the ev'ning 's clear,
    Thick flies the skimming Swallow;
    The sky is blue, the fields in view,
    All fading-green and yellow:
    Come let us stray our gladsome way,
    And view the charms o' Nature;
    The rustling corn, the fruited thorn,
    And ilka happy creature.

    We'll gently walk, and sweetly talk,
    While the silent moon shines clearly;
    I'll clasp thy waist, and fondly prest,
    Swear how I lo'e thee dearly:
    Not vernal show'rs to budding flow'rs,
    Not Autumn to the Farmer,
    So dear can be, as thou to me,
    My fair, my lovely Charmer!

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