Fatal Fusion

Обложка альбома Fatal FusionFatal Fusion is a progressive rock band from Oslo, Norway. The group got together in early 2008, after emerging from the ashes of several Rock/Blues covers bands, dating back to the 1980's. The lineup consists of Erlend Engebretsen on Keyboards, Lasse Lie on Bass, Audun Engebretsen on Drums/Percussion, Stig Selnes on Guitar, and Knut Grøntvedt on Vocals. Utilizing classic instruments, vintage synths, mellotron and hammond organ as part of their sound, they pay homage to the progressive rock bands from the 70´s, whilst still aiming to create their own unique sound, blending in elements form different musical genres like hard rock, classical music, metal, blues, jazz, psychedelia, and latin. They like to explore and mix styles together, trying to get a broad musical landscape. The release of their debut album Land of the Sun in 2010 have received great reviews from around the world, and also got them nominated for best debut album 2010 by Prog Awards. Main influeces are bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin, Yes, ELP, Genesis, Camel, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, but also newer acts like IQ, Marillion, Spocks Beard and Dream Theater. http://www.reverbnation.
  • Трек: Promises
  • Исполнитель (артист): Fatal Fusion
  • Длительность 6:28
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • 6:56
    Fatal FusionLove In The Sky
  • 18:04
    Fatal FusionCity of Zerych
  • 2:37
    FatalBreakbeat Fusion(original by Fatal)
  • 8:47
    Fatal FusionTears I've Cried
  • 14:13
    Fatal FusionThe Divine Comedy
  • 0:35
    Fatal JAMp"Fatal JAMp" - первый Пермский фестиваль Funk, Fusion, Rock музыки (8-9 января 2010). http://vkontakte.ru/club13613249.
  • 9:00
    Fatal Fusion (2013)02. Halls of Amenti
  • 12:34
    Fatal FusionBroken Man
  • 2:29
    Fatal FusionThe Gates of Ishtar
  • 5:12
    Fatal FusionRemember
  • 6:09
    Fatal FusionForgotten One
  • 56:21
    Fatal FusionTotal Absence
  • 3:55
    Fatal FusionCry No More
  • 7:20
    Fatal FusionThe Emperor's Letter
  • 17:34
    Fatal FusionThe Ancient Tale: Eos / Helios / Astraeos / Selene
  • 9:00
    Fatal FusionHalls of Amenti
  • 9:14
    Fatal FusionLand of the Sun
  • 9:16
    Fatal FusionLand of the Sun
  • 15:45
    Fatal FusionOut to the Fields
  • 7:40
    Fatal FusionShadow of the King
  • 6:26
    Fatal FusionPromises
  • 5:10
    Fatal FusionRemember
  • 5:33
    Fatal FusionAstral Flight
  • 5:42
    FATAL FUSION " Land Of The Sun" ℗ 2010Shot To The Ground
  • 11:36
    Fatal FusionEndless Ocean Blue
  • 15:30
    Fatal FusionTotal Absence
  • 5:37
    Fatal OperaFusion Masters